In this course you will learn how to set up your database and start exploring different ways to search, create, and analyze your data with MongoDB. We will cover database performance basics, and discover how to get started with creating applications and visualizing your data.

You will get your hands on all the basics, including querying, computing, connecting to, storing, indexing and analyzing your data.


  • Develop highly scalable and cost-efficient applications with MongoDB
  • Build efficient MongoDB data models for enterprise-scale applications
  • Enhance performance with indexing and sharding
  • Manage consistency with write concern and read preference
  • Process data and compute results with aggregation pipelines and MapReduce


Participants of this course need to have a good understanding Linux and Python


  • Interacting with MongoDB
  • Installing MongoDB
  • Exploring the MongoDB Data and Query Model
  • Configuring Replication and Data Consistency
  • Tuning Performance with Indexes
  • Utilizing the Aggregation Framework


This course targets professional developers who are looking for in-depth knowledge for developing, administering, securing and scaling MongoDB-based applications.